How safe are Government Bonds?

It is widely held that government bonds are a safe investment – after all, you get your money back at the end of the term plus interest, fact. This is certainly true in the actual pounds and pence you will receive, but what is the real return, relative to the latest UK inflation figure of … Continued

Support for SANDS

Our team was delighted to be able to present a cheque to Steven Guy of Sands Northern Ireland today. Pictured are Beverly Reid and Ray Hall from Johnston Campbell and Steven (centre) from Sands. As you may be aware we have a social responsibility committee at Johnston Campbell that can offer support to those organisations … Continued

Let’s Look At The FTSE 100

Most people probably believe that the FTSE 100 is a reflection of how well the UK economy is doing, but in fact, FTSE 100 performance is driven by just a few parts of the global economy, as opposed to being diversified across multiple sectors and companies. Also, the larger the company in the FTSE 100 … Continued

Monetary Policy: What’s next for Interest Rates?

Looking back at Q4 2018, the markets expected the US to increase interest rates in 2019. However, after the slight market correction in December 2018, the Fed announced that they would be more “patient” about monetary policy, indicating rate hikes were off the table for now. Fast Forward 6 months, with increasing US-China trade tensions … Continued

A New P.M.

Boris’s victory was largely viewed as a done deal throughout the leadership and so it is no surprise that the announcement yesterday morning resulted in little movement in the stock market, the appointment to Prime Minister was largely priced in. Promises of tax cuts and increased fiscal spending will all support stockmarket gains but Boris’s … Continued

Forty years of forward thinking

I was returning this afternoon from visiting a client of mine in Dublin, where he works, when I thought I might stop at the Applegreen for a break. While having a coffee I received the above picture via WhatsApp and felt that it was probably a good time to jot down a few words on … Continued

Bothwell dominates in North of Ireland Open

Last week we had another fantastic week of tennis culminating in the finals at Downshire Tennis Club on Saturday. Previously we reported that Downshire local, and current Ireland champion, Peter Bothwell, had found time in his overseas schedule to come back and contest the Johnston Campbell North of Ireland Open for the first time. Of … Continued

Star attraction for Johnston Campbell North of Ireland Open

Last years winners Caitlin McCullough & Jordan McKeown with Aidan Place from Johnston Campbell We are delighted to announce that Peter Bothwell will be the star attraction at the third Johnston Campbell North of Ireland Open which kicks off the local tournament calendar next week at the Downshire club in Hillsborough. The Belfast Telegraph reports … Continued

Johnston Campbell North of Ireland Tennis Open

We are delighted to be able to announce that we will be sponsoring the North of Ireland Tennis Open again this year at Downshire Tennis Club, Hillsborough. Play will begin on Sunday the 9th June and will conclude with finals on Saturday the 15th. The last two years have been a fantastic success and we’ve … Continued


  This year Johnston Campbell is 45 years old! During that time much has happened. Nixon resigned. The Vietnam war ended. The first Star Wars film was released and Elvis died. We had the first test tube baby; Prince Charles got married (twice) and Argentina attacked the Falklands. Mobile phones were invented. Live Aid raised … Continued