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For the past 40 years JohnstonCampbell has been managing the wealth of a wide range of individuals, businesses and trusts in Northern Ireland and more recently, in London.

Using specialist advice, structures and intelligent investment, we work to achieve the personal and business aspirations of our clients. Whether you require the protection, the enhancement or the distribution of your wealth, we offer a flexible service that is perfectly tailored to suit your exact expectations. Every element of our advice is inherently linked to your private ambitions both for the short and the long term, giving you and your family the luxury of financial confidence without any complications.

Are you a…

  • Business owner
  • Partner in a professional practice
  • Individual with funds to invest
  • A trustee in need of advice and support with regard to complicated tax and legal issues

These are just some of the types of individuals and businesses we meet and serve on a daily basis. At JohnstonCampbell we feel it is vital that we work alongside your existing professional advisers. By liaising with individuals such as your legal or tax advisers, we are able to conduct a coordinated approach to the advice process, thus ensuring that all areas of expertise are involved in formulating your strategy and more importantly, you the client are at the heart of that process.

We get to know you…

At JohnstonCampbell we get to know our customers like we do our friends and family. We want to know who and what really matters to you, what goals you want to accomplish and what you want your investments to do for you, to provide you with the best financial advice and support that money can buy.

We understand your needs…

Whether you are striving to accumulate assets, aiming to enjoy them now, making plans to pass on your assets, working out the best way to protect them, or putting in place financial and legal safety nets, we are here to help. Protection, enhancement and distribution of your wealth is what we excel at.

We offer you the benefits of our experience…

JohnstonCampbell has spent over four decades working with clients to achieve their personal and business aspirations, including generations of the same families. We offer a range of financial planning, and wealth management services that are perfectly tailored to meet your needs and satisfy your expectations. Everything we do is inherently linked to your ambitions, both short term and long term, giving you, your family or your business the luxury of financial confidence without any complications.

We assign a dedicated team to you…

We have a team of dedicated professionals working in the fields of financial planning, investment management, tax mitigation and pension planning.  Strong financial acumen and decades of experience providing personalised financial advice, combined with discretion, empathy, and absolute integrity are just some of the many benefits that our team offer