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Tax Planning

Tax planning can be challenging when you are unfamiliar with the requirements and processes involved. At Johnston Campbell we ensure that ‘tax doesn’t have to be taxing’ for our clients. Our tax advisors will do the hard work for you in collaboration with your accountant and other professional advisers where appropriate.

Our tax advisors review your current tax exposure and implement more tax efficient solutions for your:

  • Income Tax

    Income tax is a levy on your income. Depending upon how much you earn income tax reduces the amount of disposable income you have available to meet your goals and aspirations. At Johnston Campbell our team of advisors can help you maximise what is available to you and your family, by identifying ethical and efficient strategies to minimise what you have to pay.

  • Capital Gains Tax

    Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is charged on the profit or gain made when selling, gifting, transferring, exchanging or disposing of an asset. Similar to income tax, your capital gains tax rate is dependent on the rate of income tax you pay, and this is determined by the tax bracket your salary places you in. On occasions, some exemptions and tax allowances may apply.

    We work with our clients to assess whether or not tax exemptions apply to them, and identify solutions to reduce the overall amount of Capital Gains Tax you are required to pay.

  • Inheritance Tax

    Inheritance Tax is paid if a person’s estate (their assessable property, money and possessions) is worth more than £325,000 (2017/18) when they die. This is known as the ‘Inheritance Tax threshold’. Our tax planning advisors provide specialist advice on managing inheritance tax.

    As our knowledge and understanding of your estate and your goals develops over time, we are able to continually identify better ways to manage your inheritance tax planning.

    We will recommend the best strategy for you to reduce your inheritance tax bill, or remove the requirement to pay this tax entirely.

  • Corporation Tax

    Corporation Tax is paid on the profits your company makes while trading and investing. Our specialist advisors will work with you and your existing tax adviser to reduce the amount of Corporation Tax payable by your business.

    Contact us to find out how we can make your tax planning less taxing.