Zoom Round Table Event – 24th June

Zoom Round Table Event – 24th June

‘Has coronavirus affected your investments?’


For most people, the answer to this question is ‘Yes’. For anyone with an interest, the media are making it clear that global stock markets have been volatile and the implication is that investors should be nervous.

If you have money invested in pension plans, ISAs, Unit Trusts, any type of plan that has all or part of it exposed to the stock market, and most funds do, then it is very likely that the value will have gone down.

In the round table, three members of the Johnston Campbell Team (with 62 years of experience between them) will cover:


  1. With all of this uncertainty, do you really need a plan? If you do need a plan, what are the building blocks?
  1. Pensions often get a bad press. Are they really a good idea and if so, what should you do to take advantage of the many aspects of pensions that people miss out on?
  1. Is it possible to invest and still get good outcomes even in an unstable world?


The round table contains hints and tips but please accept that this isn’t advice. We will be holding this round table event on Zoom on the 24th June at 10 am.

If you’d like to attend, please register using this link: