Why Should I Plan for my retirement?

In the UK only 1 in 10 of under 55s has a target to save towards and we understand why. There are so many questions to consider, there are lots of choices in terms of investment options and companies to invest with that just take ages to work through. There’s also a need to balance tomorrow’s plans with today’s priorities. We are here to help you not only plan your ideal retirement but also to work with you to ensure you get there.

The government’s Money Advice Service reports that millions of people not saving enough to provide themselves with the retirement they hope for and that saving for retirement is one of the most significant challenges that you will face. We are here to help you get to your ideal retirement. Use our Retirement calculator to check whether you’re saving enough for your retirement.

Why Johnston Campbell?

At Johnston Campbell, our aim is to guide you to the retirement that you hope for. For almost half a century our clients have trusted us to help them meet their retirement goals. We don’t simply sell you products – we offer you tailored, flexible advice delivered with expertise and a high level of service. We will help you plan and manage your retirement by listening to your aims and working with you – and for you – to make them happen.

Our simple 4 step approach helps you to understand what you want to achieve and then helps build a plan towards getting there.

Step 1

Listen to and understand your future aims.

Step 2

We analyse your current retirement plans.

Step 3

We identify and create a strategy for your retirement plan.

Step 4

Review and adapt your retirement plan regularly, making amendments as your goals change.

Our process is objective and staged so that every point and milestone is a logical progression. At all points of the journey, we can respond flexibly when circumstances or needs change. At all times, it is a partnership with one common aim – your financial security. Once your retirement strategy is up and running, our team of advisers will regularly review it as we plan together for your retirement dreams.

It’s all part of the service.

Meet your Team

We are a modern and progressive company built on a solid foundation of consistent expertise and professionalism. Our people have a reputation for going the extra mile, for their empathy and being passionate about what they do. In everything, you are put first and treated with honesty, courtesy and respect. It is only through trust and cooperation that we can understand and meet your expectations. 

Saving for Retirement - Why Audit your existing plans?


There are many different ways to save for your retirement – having a pension is just one.  We find that many clients have more than one pension and it can be difficult to understand what you have now and more importantly what you might have in future.

There are many different types of pensions too, which makes things even more complicated. These can include workplace pensions, stakeholder pensions, personal pensions, SIPP, SSAS, company pensions – you may also qualify for the state pension. Don’t forget, you can use your other savings and investments, like ISAs for instance, to provide you with income when you retire. 

Auditing your existing pensions is a vital first step so that you fully understand what you have and what they are worth now. More importantly, what they might be worth and how they fit in with your financial plan when you retire.

Find out what’s involved here…


Retirement Calculator

Knowing what sort of lifestyle you want is the first step in building your plan, understanding what you’ve done so far towards your goals is the next. Our pension calculator is designed to give you a flavour of what your existing planning means for you in retirement but also allows you to change future retirement dates, savings amounts and risk levels.

This calculator isn’t designed to replace financial advice and we recommend you speak with one of our retirement specialists.



How We Can Help

Our advisers are truly independent and can offer you advice across all these options to help you develop the right strategy for your retirement. Our financial planners can give you advice in a number of areas:

  • Using your annual allowance, and navigating the complex tapered annual allowance for higher earners
  • Making extra pension contributions using pension carry forward
  • Assessing your pension against the lifetime allowance tax charge
  • Using other savings and investments, such as ISAs
  • Ensuring your savings are held in high-quality investments

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