Purple 4 Polio

Purple 4 Polio


We are delighted to be able to offer some support to Lisburn Rotary on World Polio Day today. Rotary Ireland is marking the occasion by planting 150,000 across Ireland, which will be fantastic when they are in flower in the spring,

Rotary clubs across Ireland will either be planting the purple crocus corms themselves, working with local councils and community groups or teaming up with school groups across the country, the project provides a wonderful opportunity for those involved to get active, have fun and raise awareness through talking to lots of different people about the need to eradicate the life-threatening and disabling poliovirus.

The eradication of Polio is Rotary International’s primary project, partnered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who triple all fundraising by Rotarians worldwide, and the World Health Organisation, the disease is now on the brink of eradication globally.

As we have reported previously Jonathan Simpson is this years president of Lisburn Rotary and he said “Polio will be only the second virus, next to smallpox, to ever be eradicated. Whilst tremendous progress has been made, the final steps on any journey are often some of the hardest, to date there have been 14 wild poliovirus cases this year, nothing but complete eradication can fully stop this awful disease from returning, this is not a third world problem, this is a global problem and the speed at which this virus can spread means even Ireland could see it’s return.”

“In 1986 1000 children a day were contracting Polio, so far this year, there are only 15 reported cases worldwide and Polio is only endemic in three countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria, 20 other countries are classed as either ‘key-at-risk’ or ‘outbreak’ countries.”

“Rotarians are People Of Action and they have set out to make a real difference to the lives of both those in their local communities and those further afield who really need their help.”

Pictured are Jonathan and Joy along with our crocus display so you can pick up one from reception at Johnston Campbell.

We like those purple socks Johnny!

If you want to get involved more directly you can show your support by visiting http://uk.onelastpush.org/  and clicking ‘join now’. To donate to Rotary and help end polio, visit www.endpolio.org

If you want to find out more about Johnston Campbell and what we do, please get in touch via our Contact Us page