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Pension Advice

Our pension advisers offer you advice and recommend practical ways to ensure your pension is as beneficial as it should be, regardless of what stage in life you are at:

  • Pre-retirement pension advice
  • At retirement pension advice
  • Post retirement pension advice
  • Guidance on pension transfers
  • Property purchase using your pension
  • Pensions for your employees
  • Pension Planning For Every Age

    In the future many of us may spend almost as long in retirement as we do working, therefore it’s never too early to start thinking about your pension plan and to seek independent financial advice – the earlier, the better in fact.

    Whether you are an individual in the earlier years of your career who is starting to save for your future, are a little bit older and nearing the time of taking your benefits, or are already in retirement, the need to avail of good impartial financial advice has never been greater than it is now. It can make a considerable difference to your long-term financial security, and that of your dependants.

  • Pension Planning for Business Owners

    Changes to pension legislation have made the world of retirement planning more liberating yet challenging, in particular for company directors. It is important for any business owner to consider their own pension plan and build a more secure future for themselves and their family members, but this is no longer where their duty of care ends. Greater onus has been placed on business owners to make provision for their employees to achieve the same level of financial security, post-retirement. This places great responsibility on businesses to provide their employees with solid financial advice and a pension plan.

    Whatever stage of life you are at, or your particular circumstances and needs, our team of pension experts can help guide you through the maze of pension plans and providers, and put in place a strategy to ensure that your retirement income enables you achieve your goals.

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