Last year, we began a project as a team to define what we feel that makes us special as a company and what is important to us. Everyone in our business was involved from the start to where we are now. We drew up a list of behaviors that we strive to show both to you, our clients, and between ourselves, day to day. The list of behaviors was long but included things like integrity, respect, passion, trustworthy and dependable.


Our company ethos is based upon what we call our 3C’s – Clients, Colleagues and Character. We feel we can demonstrate this by passionately working as a team, committed to exceed client expectations.

You may have noticed the reversed Sigma symbol as the number three in our logo. We felt that it is only with the “sum of all these parts” that we can achieve our aim of exceeding your expectations.

We believe we are a modern and progressive company built on a solid foundation of consistent expertise and professionalism.

Our people have a growing reputation for going the extra mile, for their empathy and for being passionate about what they do. In everything, you as clients are put first and treated with courtesy, honesty and respect. It is only through trust and cooperation that we can understand and meet your expectations.