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Investment Management

At JohnstonCampbell we are passionate about helping individuals, families and businesses to manage their money more effectively. We want you to gain the greatest possible return on your investments within your stated risk tolerances, and we recognise that your money is not just money – it’s an investment in your future, or that of your family or business.

Our Investment Management Process focuses on understanding your goals, ambitions and comfort levels. We take into account your attitude to risk and your long and short term objectives to create investment portfolios with both lower risk and higher expected returns than most individual type of asset alone. From this we construct the foundations of your portfolio, tailored to your objectives. Detailed research enables us to identify and select suitable investment funds for you or your business. Once in place, we manage and review the performance of your investment portfolio regularly, making amendments as necessary.

Our investment management team are experienced in managing personal and corporate investment portfolios ranging from £100,000 to £30 million tax efficiently. Through our partnerships with international fund managers, and detailed research and analysis, our intelligent strategists keep their fingers on the pulse of the global investment market so you don’t have to. We take great satisfaction in being able to use our skills and experience to help you to achieve your personal, business and life goals.

  • Personal Investment Plan

    Your personal investment plan affects your future, and we work hard to make sure that your future plans are safe in our hands, and the outputs of your investment plan meet your requirements. We understand that it can be a complex process to identify and understand the investment options available to you, therefore we will advise on the best investment funds, and rates we can secure for you. Our team always aim to provide tax efficient investments, and an ethical investment plan.

  • Family Trust Funds

    When putting a family trust fund in place, we take into account the many different factors that define the financial goals and support requirements of your family. This is what drives the way we manage your wealth. We place great emphasis on our constant understanding of your changing goals and ambitions, and build all of our subsequent recommendations upon this knowledge.

    Our clients include generations of the same families who trust us to assist them with creating and managing their family trust funds. We treat their personal information with the utmost confidentiality, but also use it to drive every financial decision we make on your behalf.

  • Business Investment Plan

    The success of your business investment plan not only impacts upon the success of the business, but upon your quality of life, the fulfilment of your own personal ambitions, and those of all of the staff members employed by the company. We are experts in the areas of Discretionary Fund Management and Advisory Fund Management and would be happy to discuss your business investment plans with you, to identify a solution that will meet your needs.

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