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Our Process

Each individual, family, trustee or business we work with has specific goals and ambitions, therefore our process starts with getting to know you. The steps in our process from getting to know you to successfully managing your assets, investments and risk looks like this.

1. Understanding Your Goals & Ambitions

We firstly take time to understand you, your goals and ambitions. This is undoubtedly one of the most important steps to ensuring that we deliver on, and indeed exceed your expectations. Our recommendations are built on the information you provide about you, your family, your lifestyle, your ambitions and fears at the initial discovery meeting. As time goes on and your situation changes, we will continue to evolve our recommendations in line with your changing priorities.

2. Research & Analysis

We then conduct in-depth research and analysis on every aspect of your financial planning to evaluate your current circumstances. We combine these insights with our understanding of your short and long term personal, family and corporate goals to refine our approach to developing a tailored financial strategy for you. Our research will typically focus on addressing Tax Analysis, Estate Planning, Business Planning Advice and conducting a lifetime cash needs analysis

3. Recommendations & Implementation of Strategy

On completion of our in depth and comprehensive research and analysis, we then create a series of solid recommendations representing our professional opinion on how best to achieve the goals you initially shared with us at the outset of the process. These recommendations are then formed into a strategy that is implemented by our experienced teams specialising in a variety of financial disciplines including Investment Management, Pension Planning, Tax Planning and Financial Protection.

4. Regular Reviews

To ensure your plans remain relevant and stay on course to achieve your objectives, it’s important to carry out regular reviews. We tailor this ongoing service to suit your changing requirements. We consider it vital for both you and us to have regular reviews to enable us to revise all aspects of our advice to you and to make any necessary tactical adjustments to the implemented strategy.

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