Help for the Welcome Organisation

Help for the Welcome Organisation

Over the past number of years we have been involved with The Welcome Organisation in Belfast, and the important work that they do towards easing the suffering of local homeless people.

Recently, on social media, they have been appealing for help with shortages they have in providing the basic necessities for daily living.

Our team has decided to help and will  be collecting from within over the run up to Christmas.

If you feel that you can support too, we can act as a drop off point for any help you can provide.

In particular they have shortages of the following:

Women’s underwear sizes 10, 12 and 14
Boxer shorts


Shaving foam
Disposable razors
Shower gel
Deodorants (male and female)
Liquid hand soap


Non-perishable items: Canned food – pasta, beans, soup, fruit, etc


Dinner plates
Disposable coffee/tea cups

Sleeping bags are also gratefully received.

​Donations of money are also gratefully received

If you would like to get involved please contact Joy or Janette at our reception on 028 90 221010