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Financial Planning

At JohnstonCampbell, we offer financial planning and analysis services for individuals and businesses.

  • Personal Financial Plan

    Personal Financial Planning is designed to help you set priorities and objectives for your financial future and ensure that your objectives are achieved. Your planning will pass through various phases and have many components contributing to the overall success of the plan. Your circumstances will keep changing, so through ongoing review of your Personal Financial Plan, we work with you to achieve the optimum results at any given point in time.

    Lifestyle financial planning is an important part of your financial plan. You identify the lifestyle you are aiming for, and we help you to manage and accrue the finances you require to make your lifestyle goals a reality.

    When we develop and implement your personal financial plan, we put safety nets in place, in the event of death, long-term illness, disability, share buyout, or long term residential care. This is known as Financial Forecasting.

  • Business Financial Plan

    We also work with businesses to assist them to develop robust financial plans. Many of our client companies are family businesses, led by individuals who have built and developed their companies from scratch, and put their heart and soul into creating a legacy that reflects their lifetime’s work.

    Any business owner will understand that running your enterprises can be all consuming. Amidst the plethora of day to day decisions to be made, projects to manage, deadlines to prioritise and issues to resolve, it can be difficult to keep abreast of the finer details of your business finances and what is contributing most to your bottom line.

    Our financial advisers operate as a team of fresh eyes to put things into focus for you. We listen to you to understand who the key people in your organisations are, who or what drives the profit you make, and what your business really excels at. We use this knowledge to develop a financial strategy that will protect what you have built up, and determine how you can extract your value most tax efficiently when it comes to the stage where you want to pass the business down to the next generation.

    We co-ordinate our business financial planning activity in partnership with your chosen legal and accounting advisors, to ensure that your business is structured in such a way, so as to meet your lifetime goals.

    Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment in relation to your personal or business financial planning goals. Our team of experienced financial planning advisors are here to help.